SouthEast Laboratory Astrophysics Community

is pleased to announce the upcoming workshop

Laboratory Astrophysics in the Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy

Clemson University will host the SELAC 2019 meeting May 13-16th, 2019 in Clemson, South Carolina. The meeting will have a welcome reception Monday May 13th in the evening. Conference talks will be May 14th, 15th and until noon on the 16th.


More photos from the workshop here.

On Monday May 13th during the day, we will have a special set of talks by and for graduate students.

SELAC's purpose is to promote astronomy, astrophysics, and laboratory astrophysics in the region and more broadly. The workshop will provide a forum for discussions on laboratory studies for astronomical observations from the NIR to the X-ray and their application for multimessenger astronomy. In particular, advances and needs for relevant experimental and theoretical laboratory astrophysics, developments in observational capabilities, and advances in computational astrophysics will be highlighted.

The workshop will consist of about 20 invited talks and a poster session.

Local Organizers: Joan Marler (Clemson), Chad Sosolik (Clemson), Endre Takacs (Clemson), Mike Fogle (Auburn) , Stuart Loch (Auburn), Dennis Bodewits (Auburn), Mitch Pindzola (Auburn) and Philip Stancil (University of Georgia).

This year’s workshop follows in the tradition of previous workshops:

“Laboratory astrophysics for beyond Hubble” hosted by University of Georgia, 2015

“Molecular spectroscopy in the era of Far-IR astronomy” hosted by Emory University, 2012

“Dust and ice: Their roles in astrophysical environments” hosted by University of Georgia, 2010.